January 16 – Alone In The Dark

I was just flipping back through my photos and came across some I forgot I took. During our travels home, we had a four hour layover in Beijing. On the way out, we stopped in Beijing during the day. This time, we landed in the middle of the night. There wasn’t much open, but Brandon wanted to wander around, so I stayed at the gate with our bags. By myself. In the dark. It was a little creepy.


Also, Beijing has water stations, which is awesome. A friend had told me about them, but I forgot and didn’t bring a PET bottle (disposable plastic drink bottles…like coke bottles) with me. Thankfully they have paper cones because we were seriously dehydrated. For the trip home, I picked up a cheap reusable plastic water bottle at Wal-Mart before we left. It came in handy.


Beijing might just be the strangest airport I’ve ever been in. I had heard good things and bad things about it before we left. In my experience, it’s really both good and bad, but there no rhyme or reason to it. On the way out, the confiscated Brandon’s battery pack that we use to charge mobile devices on the go, but didn’t take mine and we went through the same line. They also made us go through another security check before boarding the plane where they confiscated all water bottles. On the way home, they seemed to be checking all bags very carefully, so I took my battery pack out of my backpack and threw it in the bin with my computer, thinking it would be confiscated, but at least it wouldn’t look like I was trying to hide it. Once again, they dug through Brandon’s bag and pulled everything apart (no confiscations this time), but they didn’t bat an eyelash at my battery pack. I was expecting the water security check before boarding, so I dumped out my water, but there was no check the second time. There were other things that were just off as well, which made both experiences strange and I’m definitely not in a big hurry to go back.

Whatcha thinkin'?