February 10 – Temple 1 Ryozenji

One of the other big things I wanted to do this year is show some of the photos we’ve taken at the temples on the 88 Temple Pilgrimage here on Shikoku Island. It’s a pilgrimage that goes through all four prefectures on our island and starts in Tokushima. We’ve been to all 23 temples in Tokushima and will be moving onto the Kochi temples in the spring.

Since we’re almost halfway through the second month of the year, maybe we should get started, so here’s the first temple: Ryozenji.

Ryozenji is located in Naruto and was founded in the 8th century. It was burned down twice and the current temple was rebuilt in 1964.

We visited Ryozenji as part of a tour group that was seeing several Tokushima sites, including the first two temples on the pilgrimage, so time was a bit limited and I don’t have as many pictures.


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