March 4 – No Big Deal

All the parents were at school today for a special lesson. It was kind of a big deal and it went really well. After it was all over and after I got back from lunch, I was sitting at my desk when the principal came running up to the door next to my desk to tell me one of the parents hit my car. I’m thinking it’s going to be really bad and my mechanic is going to take my car away from me. (I suspect he already thinks I’m crazy since I have huge scrapes down the passenger side from getting too close to a wall and because sometimes my car is around 1000 km overdue for its oil change.) The principal is telling me that the parent already went to report it to the police and I would need to go after bus duty. I’m getting a little worried.

Then we get to the parking lot and I don’t even see any damage. The principal had to point it out to me. Given the scrapes already in the one side, this was so minor.


See that dark line below the light? Yeah…that’s the damage. No big deal. I even have touch up paint at home already. I tell the principal that. No big deal. Everything is okay. I can fix that. He says he will call and tell the police that. I’m thinking this is done. Don’t need to worry at all. No big deal. I come back from bus duty and the principal chimes to my desk to tell me all the teachers are going home early, but I have to wait for the police. Great.

It ended up being no big deal. The police came and took pictures, write down my information, asked me what I wanted to do. I told them no big deal. I could fix it at home. The parent kept apologizing. I was getting embarrassed.

They finally left. Parent apologized some more. I just wanted to go home. She gave me a really nice box of pastries to apologize.


We’ll be enjoying those for days. It was a nice gesture, but seriously…no big deal.

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