An Updated Note On Comments


We have found a good spam filter that seems to be working very well, so we’ve disabled the function the requires you to log in to comment. Yay! Please feel free to comment away! We can’t wait to hear what you have to say.


We get a ridiculous amount of spam comments, so we’ve decided to make a small change. In order to leave a comment, you will need to be registered with a WordPress account. If you do not have a WordPress account, you can register by going here:

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we hate spam. Given a little time, we may be able to turn off this feature, but for now, we’re going to need to have our commenters register.

2 thoughts on “An Updated Note On Comments”

  1. Hi Brandon & Becky – I was an AET in Kamiyama from 1996 – 1999 and found your blog as I am planning a trip back to Japan this July with the family! Kamiyama is as beautiful as ever – great pics btw – thanks for bringing back some great memories. Nice blog!

    1. Hi Robert! We’re glad you are enjoying the blog. We can’t believe how lucky we have been to be assigned to Kamiyama. It’s such an amazing place!

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