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February 5 – Guam

I can’t really talk about why I’m here, but I’m in Guam for about a day. I arrived this afternoon and leave tomorrow afternoon. I’m loving the weather and I actually got to wander down the beach and stick my feet in the water. It did me a world of good and chased that winter depression out of my soul…at last for a little while…until I get back to the cold tomorrow night.


The only thing missing is Brandon. And my cat.

Day 250 – Go To Your Happy Place

I can’t write the post that I really want to write today. I’m worn out. Physically, mentally, emotionally worn out.

So I’m just going to say this. We spent a really nice day at the beach today, which is my happy place. Apparently it’s been storming all over the prefecture, but there was a protective bubble over the beach. The weather was absolutely beautiful. We got there around 2:30 and it didn’t start raining until we were leaving at 8:00 this evening.

This is what 90% chance of rain looked like at the beach today:


Maybe my Grandma knew I would need beach therapy and made sure I would get it.

Day 198 – The Beach Makes Everything Better

It really does. I’m a beach kind of girl. Spending time with my toes in the sand, listening to waves crash is like therapy.

I started the day by locking my keys in my car. Then I didn’t know all the answers to the questions that would have summoned someone to pop the lock, so I had to ask Brandon to bring his keys in the afternoon. The problem was my backpack with my water bottle, lunch, wallet, money, bank card and ID was locked safely in my car.


Then it all got better. We went to the beach. I got to hang out with my feet in the sand, listen to waves crash and hunt for shells with my kids.


It was amazing.


We had an awesome day today. Sean, Ythen and I went snorkeling. The folks who own the house we are renting told us about this cool beach with great snorkeling, so we went to check it out. It was a great spot…even better than the one Brandon and I went to when we were on Oahu a couple of years ago. I had my camera with me, so I have pictures to share. Unfortunately, you can’t really see the screen, so you point, shoot, and hope something comes out. I have a few good pictures and a lot of crap pictures. Still really cool. I did take a couple of pictures of Sean, but he made me promise I wouldn’t post them.

When we got back to the house, Sean and Ythen decided to nap, so I went back to the first beach Ythen and I visited yesterday, but walked further down the coast. I came to a beach with a sign posted about it being a basking area for sea turtles. The lady we are renting from told me they come out at dawn and dusk and I was there are dusk, so I was hoping to see some turtles. There was only one on the beach, but that was awesome. I was able to get really close to take pictures. I have always loved sea turtles, so to be able to see one on the beach like this was awesome. I tried to do a little more snorkeling there, but the water was too shallow and there were a ton of sea urchins. I didn’t want to get stabbed repeatedly by sea urchins, so I got out of the water.

Next up is Volcano National Park tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to that. Until then, enjoy the pictures!


Hanging Out In Kona

I really do know how to take pictures!

We didn’t end up snorkeling today, but my nephew, Ythen, and I spent some time at two different beaches. It was a lot of fun and I am really enjoying being able to spend the time with him. He’s a smart kid and fun to hang out with. (Yes Ythen…I just called you a kid…ha!)

Anyway, I usually have a lot to say, but I’m really tired tonight, so we’re going to get on with the pictures and then I’m going to sleep! In my normal time zone, it is 4 in the morning right now. Here in Hawaii, it is 11 at night. My sleep schedule is a little messed up right now.