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June 21 – Break

I’ve been posting a photo every day for the last year and a half. I haven’t missed a day since January 1, 2014. For the most part, I really enjoy it, but sometimes it’s a struggle. I’ve gone through periods this year where I’ve been sick and haven’t been out of the house much, so I didn’t take any pictures except for the cat and maybe food. I’ve gone through periods where I just don’t take a lot of pictures, whether its lack of opportunity or I just find myself enjoying things and I don’t take any pictures.

The point is, I need a break. I’m getting ready to take another trip to America and I’m feeling particularly stressed out right now and I need a break. So after a year and a half, I’m giving myself a break. It may only be a week. It may be a couple weeks. Don’t fret, though. I’ll be back soon with more pictures everyday. Until then, I hope you’ve been enjoying what has been posted so far and I’ll see you soon.

April 4th – Spring Cleaning

I know the person who had my job here in Kamiyama before I got here. Her name is Emma, and she worked in Kamiyama for 5 years. She is from England, and currently lives in the next town over from here. She and her fiance are very nice.

I don’t really know anything about the people who had this job before her. When I was doing some spring cleaning at one of the junior highs, I found some artifacts in my desk that gave me hints about these other people:


Who are Joe and Steven? I’ll probably never know…