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Day 352 – B&W Grove of Snow

Wow did it snow last night. And today. And the temperatures haven’t risen about freezing all day. Actually, it’s officially been below freezing since about 3 p.m.  Since there’s a ton of snow and a ton of ice out there, driving was definitely not safe, so I didn’t go to work today. I did get out from under my kotatsu and went for a walk for about an hour this morning. It was cold. My toes were frozen blocks of ice when I got home.

grove of snow

As much as I hate the cold, I have to admit undisturbed snow is really beautiful.

Day 343 – Welcome Committee

Usually, when I get home, Manmaru is waiting at the door, yelling at the top of his lungs. Or he’s running down the stairs yelling at the top of his lungs. Either way, I get welcomed home by a furry beastie.

I think my Welcome Committee has retired for the winter. It’s just too cold to hang out by the door or by the window up stairs. When I got home today, there was no furry beast. No yelling. No running at me. No trying to trip me as I come into the house. Instead, I found this:


He’s deserted his post as Welcome Committee for warm snuggles with Brandon. I feel so betrayed.

Day 342 – Pile ‘o Socks

It’s Sunday, so it’s laundry day. Now that it’s winter, laundry day is a big task. We wear lots of layers, which means lots of laundry.

We tend to sort our laundry as it comes out of the dryer and then fold in groups…all the shirts, all the button ups, all the towels, etc. I dumped the socks on the folding table and was a little blown away by the size of the pile.


That seems a little much to be a weeks worth of socks for two people, but I refuse to live with cold feet. I hate it when my feet are cold more than almost anything else.