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May 18 – Across The River

The weather was strange when I was coming home from work today. Ominous clouds were moving in over the mountains, but the sun was still streaming through in places. I stopped to look out across the river at the giant torii gate on the other side.


It doesn’t look so bad, really. But when I turned up the road towards home, it looked a little different.


You can’t even see the top of the mountain.

February 26 – Ongoing Construction

There’s a construction project that started over a year ago on the main road out of Kamiyama. They built the road up from the riverbank below, reinforced the mountainside above it (against mudslide) and then, when we thought they must be close to finishing…they continued. I have no idea why, but now they have one section closed down to one lane and they are ripping out the new pavement on the other side. It’s the ongoing, never ending, road construction. And I get stuck in it at some point every morning.


Day 50 – The Bridge

I cross two bridges everyday on the way to work and again on the way home. In the morning it takes me between 15 and 30 minutes to cross them both. This doesn’t sound too bad until I tell you that the distance between the two is a couple of blocks. Traffic is pretty messed up in the morning. In the evenings it takes me 15 to 20 minutes to get across both of them. Not great, but not as bad. This is the first one in the evening as viewed from the traffic light before I turn into it.


The other one is not nearly as interesting. One of these days I’m going to stop amd take pictures from below. Maybe this summer when it stays light later.

Day 13 – These Are My Mittens

Last Christmas, Brandon bought me some awesome mittens. They got a little use last year, but nothing like the use they get this year. I wear this when I’m driving to work and again on the way home. They’re kind of silly, but they’re warm and that’s the only part that really matters.


These are my mittens. There are others like them, but these are mine.