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May 27 – Tiny Babies

I found a tiny baby crawling on the curtain beside my desk today. I convinced it to crawl onto a piece of paper so I could take it outside and when I watched it crawl onto a leaf, I saw another tiny baby, so of course I grabbed my camera. No matter how many times I see them, there’s something about tiny mantis babies. They’re so cute.


And, as a bonus, check out what I won from a claw machine:


May 21 – Morning Snuggles

Morning snuggles is usually Manmaru and I having a snuggles sitting at the foot of the bed just before I get up in the morning. It involves pet pets and scritchies and kisses and snuggles and purrs and head bonks. Sometimes this is not enough and he follows me around the house while I get ready for work on the off chance that I’ll pick him up for more snuggles, which always happens. Always. Occasionally, even this is not enough and he has to resort to snuggling with Brandon. Oh the humanity.


This usually doesn’t last long. Apparently, Brandon doesn’t know how to snuggle properly.

May 10 – Spoiled Brat

Summer is really hot here in Tokushima and we try to make sure Manmaru is as comfortable as possible during the hot months. This means we’ve bought Sime strange things to try to keep him cool since he can’t take his fur coat off. This also means he’s a spoiled rotten brat. He hasn’t liked most of the things we’ve bought, but we still try. Today we bought him a giant aluminum bowl that’s supposed to stay cool.


Yep. I think he approves of this one.