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June 16 – To The Ladies Who Breakfast For Lunch

Today’s post is for my “Ladies Who Breakfast For Lunch”…Danielle and Liz. A year ago, we had a little Ladies Night where we cooked and ate good food, did a little bit of drinking and a lot of talking. This one didn’t involve breakfast. Or lunch. But that’s not really the point. Tonight’s point is that I miss them. A lot.


May 23 – Porcupine

Our friend Iku recently moved to another city, but came back for a visit this weekend. She decided she wanted to have a fake hanami party in the park. I had to work this morning, but joined in the afternoon.

After I got there, Iku started to ask Brandon about ask the white in his hair and beard and then decided his beard looks like a porcupine. She then decided she needed to take pictures of the porcupine on Brandon’s chin.


March 29 – The Biggest Sakura Tree I’ve Ever Seen

I’m not going to claim that this is the biggest sakura tree in Japan, but it’s certainly the biggest one I’ve ever seen and it’s a five minute walk from our apartment. Even though it was drizzly this morning, it was still quite beautiful.

A couple of friends met us in Kamiyama for sakura viewing and then we had lunch together in Ishii. After that, Brandon and I did a little shopping and then went to another friend’s place to cook dinner. It was an enjoyable day all around.


Also, sakura season has arrived and I will make no apologies for the number of sakura pictures I will post.

March 1 – Iku

Iku is a friend of ours. She’s a university student from Taiwan who speaks multiple languages, including English and Japanese. She’s a fixture in the Tokushima foreigner community. Most people at least know of her. Actually, I should say she WAS a university student because she graduated and took her Japanese national pharmacy licensing exams and now, while she waits for the results, she has to return to Taiwan. Tonight, after first show for the musical, we all gathered at McDonald’s for one last meal with our beloved Iku…to share stories, hugs and tears. Even if she possess her national exams, she probably won’t be returning to Tokushima…she’ll be moving on to Okinawa and we’re going to miss her terribly.


I really hate goodbyes. Have I mentioned that?