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June 16 – To The Ladies Who Breakfast For Lunch

Today’s post is for my “Ladies Who Breakfast For Lunch”…Danielle and Liz. A year ago, we had a little Ladies Night where we cooked and ate good food, did a little bit of drinking and a lot of talking. This one didn’t involve breakfast. Or lunch. But that’s not really the point. Tonight’s point is that I miss them. A lot.


February 27 – Frog Hopping

I picked up a couple of buckets with a bunch of plastic hopping frogs while we were in America, thinking I could surely use them in class. Today I took them to my eikiawa (conversation) class with the K4 kiddos. For every correct sentence, they were awarded with a frog and when I ran out of frogs, we spent 3 minutes making frogs hop into buckets. Such a simple thing, but they had so much fun and were really disappointed when it was time to move on.


Day 322 – Got My Hair Did

Two of the kids on my current bus love to pinch my nose and listen to me sing songs in funny voices, but since I’ve had a very runny nose, we haven’t been playing that game. Today, they decided if they couldn’t pinch my nose, they would fix my hair for me.

Here’s the first look, deemed “meccha kawaii” (which google translates as “hella cute”):


Here’s the second look, deemed “meccha kowai” (which google translates as “hella scary”):


I love the kids on this bus.

Dat 281 – Zoo Field Trip

Today was our field trip to the zoo. I really enjoy a good zoo. I’ve been to this zoo before and it has some really nice grounds, but most of the enclosures need some work. The animals need more enrichment activities. When Brandon and I went the first time, the orangutan was pushing a plastic bin in circles around its small cage. They get some of it right, like the otters and the meerkats. Actually, the small animals are fine. The larger animals need more space and more enrichment. That being said, my standard to which all zoos are measured against is the San Diego Zoo, which is spectacular.

Anyway, it was fun to go with the kids and marvel over red pandas and giraffes and meerkats and monkeys and all the other animals. They get so excited when the animals are moving around and close,  which many of them were. When we got to the otters, they ran to the edge and started to chatter at us, which the kids thought was amazing.





Unfortunately, I can’t show most of the pictures I took today because they have my kiddos in them and I’m not allowed to publish those. I have some really awesome pictures of my kiddos being hams. The class I got to hang out with today is always a lot of fun.

Day 246 – Summer Homework

I had to make my kids a workbook to take home for summer homework. Most of it was just coloring or variations of coloring. Color the alphabet. Connect the dots 1 through 10 and color the picture. Color the 2s yellow and the 3s blue. Color the shapes then cut them out and paste them on the next page to make a robot.

See the common theme there? Color. The thing is, I know how my kids color. We do “writing” every week, which is basically coloring. I know which kids can almost stay inside the lines and which kids can’t. I know which kids just scribble and which kids can actually color a picture.

Today I started going through the workbooks “grading” them. It’s actually me just putting stickers on completed pages. It became very obvious very quickly that some of my kids didn’t do much of their workbooks. The books are complete, but I can tell some kids had more “help” from mom and/or dad than others.

I know what my kids are capable of. Some of the things in the book were meant to be a challenge (connect A through O, cut out the shapes…these are a little harder for my kids). I just wanted to see them attempt everything and I wanted to see how well they did. I wanted to use it a gauge for where the writing exercises should go next. It’s not like they get an actual grade for this stuff.


Can you tell parent work vs child work here? I hope everyone had fun with their summer workbooks this year!