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Is That Rain or Vog?

I had every intention of coming back to the house and posting some photos of our adventures yesterday. Unfortunately, I was EXHAUSTED…as in, came back from dinner and crashed. It was a long day, but lots of fun and a very beautiful drive. We drove out to Volcanoes National Park. On they way, we saw some amazing views and stopped at Black Sand Beach. That was pretty cool and a little startling when you are so used to seeing the white sand beaches we all see every time we go to the beach.

Once at the park, we wanted to drive all the way around the Kilauea crater, but most of the area is closed, so we got out at the Jagger Museum and took some pictures and wandered around the museum a little. While in the museum, we read about “Vog” which is basically volcanic fog and can very dangerous and very toxic. This came into play later in the day when we were at the bottom of the mountain looking up at the road we had just driven down and now had to drive back up. We were watching clouds and Sean says “Is that rain or vog?” It was rain.

We didn’t hike out to see the area where the lava is still running into the ocean. We reached that point toward the end of the day and it was a 3 mile hike out to it and we were all tired, so we skipped it. Save something for next time.

The amount of lava rock you see is mind boggling. There are areas where they have signs that tell you the month and year that particular flow was deposited. It was amazing to stand in the middle of it and just look around at lava for as far as the eye could see. Or to stand on the edge of it. The edges are startling. Lava is not like water. When you pour out water, it takes up as much area as it can. Lava seems to stick to flows, so the line between flow and non-flow are clearly visible. It’s all green and then suddenly black lava.

On the way back, we drove through Hilo. I was glad that we picked Kona instead. There’s nothing really wrong with HIlo, but I like the feel of Kona. We then headed overland back to Kona. That was spectacular. There weren’t many areas to stop and take pictures, but we were above the clouds and it was amazing, although a little chilly. We weren’t able to stop until we had come back down out of the clouds, but the sun was starting to set, making the light spectacular in the clouds.

Okay…enough rambling. Without further ado, here are some of my photos from yesterday.

Today I fly to Honolulu. I may or may not have pictures for you tonight. No promises.


We had an awesome day today. Sean, Ythen and I went snorkeling. The folks who own the house we are renting told us about this cool beach with great snorkeling, so we went to check it out. It was a great spot…even better than the one Brandon and I went to when we were on Oahu a couple of years ago. I had my camera with me, so I have pictures to share. Unfortunately, you can’t really see the screen, so you point, shoot, and hope something comes out. I have a few good pictures and a lot of crap pictures. Still really cool. I did take a couple of pictures of Sean, but he made me promise I wouldn’t post them.

When we got back to the house, Sean and Ythen decided to nap, so I went back to the first beach Ythen and I visited yesterday, but walked further down the coast. I came to a beach with a sign posted about it being a basking area for sea turtles. The lady we are renting from told me they come out at dawn and dusk and I was there are dusk, so I was hoping to see some turtles. There was only one on the beach, but that was awesome. I was able to get really close to take pictures. I have always loved sea turtles, so to be able to see one on the beach like this was awesome. I tried to do a little more snorkeling there, but the water was too shallow and there were a ton of sea urchins. I didn’t want to get stabbed repeatedly by sea urchins, so I got out of the water.

Next up is Volcano National Park tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to that. Until then, enjoy the pictures!


Hanging Out In Kona

I really do know how to take pictures!

We didn’t end up snorkeling today, but my nephew, Ythen, and I spent some time at two different beaches. It was a lot of fun and I am really enjoying being able to spend the time with him. He’s a smart kid and fun to hang out with. (Yes Ythen…I just called you a kid…ha!)

Anyway, I usually have a lot to say, but I’m really tired tonight, so we’re going to get on with the pictures and then I’m going to sleep! In my normal time zone, it is 4 in the morning right now. Here in Hawaii, it is 11 at night. My sleep schedule is a little messed up right now.


I love Hawaii. Pure and simple.

My flight out of San Diego was early…which sucks because I had to get up ridiculously early, but I arrived in Hawaii early. I flew into Maui and then had to catch a puddle jumper over to Kona. I knew this when I booked the flight. It said “Cessna” on the itinerary. Knowing something and and KNOWING something are different things. When I got to the commuter terminal and actually saw the Cessna, I freaked out a little. Those are little planes. Little. Seats 10. Uhhhh….yeah…

That actually turned out to be an awesome flight. We were flying really low, so the views were absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, you can’t use any electronic devices, so no cameras. I don’t have any pictures. I did manage to take one from my seat in the back looking up to the front of the plane. When I can load it from my phone, I will post it.

My brother, Sean, and my nephew, Ythen, met me at the airport in this awesome convertible Mustang they rented. That’s right…we’re riding in style! We’re staying in a vacation rental I found online. It was cheap, available, and didn’t have any extra fees (like a cleaning fee larger than what we’re paying to stay here). The only problem is there is no air conditioning. Thankfully there are large screen doors and lots of screened in windows, so if everything is open, we catch a really great breeze and it cools things off.

We went to see some manta rays last night. Apparently you can swim with them if you can get in the water, but it was much too choppy to get in last night. The point to get in is a bunch of lava rock, so you have to wait for the wave to come in, jump in, and swim out quickly so you don’t get pushed back up against the rocks. The wind was a bit too strong last night, so the water around the rocks was way too crazy to get in. We didn’t chance it. We are going back tonight to see if the conditions are better. Hopefully I’ll come back with some awesome pictures. The rays are huge and Sean said the two we saw last night are smaller than the ones that were there the previous night. My fingers are crossed for good conditions tonight!

We’re off to go snorkeling, so I should at least have pictures from that to post tonight!