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June 15 – Kowai

こわい, kowai is Japanese for scary. Not to be confused with かわいい, kawaii, cute. Sometimes I have to ask to make sure I heard the word correctly. Sometimes there no doubt such word was used. When referring to these:


the word is kowai. Scary. Mukade. Ugh. I hate these things. In some ways they still scare the crap out of me. In some ways, they’re no big deal…just part of life in the inaka. When you open the front door and one falls on your arm, as this one did, it scares the crap out you. Sets the heart racing and the adrenaline pumping.

Definitely こわい.

May 16 – This View

Have I mentioned that I was accepted to the JET program? I don’t remember, but if I haven’t, now you know. Brandon and I are pretty excited about it. As we wait to find out where in Tokushima I we’ll be placed, people keep asking if we will move away from Kamiyama, into the apartment that comes with my placement. I look around at the scenery around our apartment and I can only think “Why would I move away from this view?”