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October 5th – Trip Planning

We have a 3 day weekend coming up in November and we finally decided that we’d like to check out the beautiful sights of Kyoto while the leaves are changing color. Unfortunately, all of Japan must have had this same idea. All of our usual hotel options are completely full. Other places that friends have stayed at and recommend…also full. Random hotels found online in our price range…you guessed it…full! I finally found a place in north Osaka that has good reviews and shouldn’t be too difficult to use as a home base for a few days. Spent way too much time finding it, but we’re booked!


Day 205 – Capsule

While in Kyoto last weekend, we stayed in a capsule hotel. Brandon posted some pictures on Facebook which sparked sine discussion about whether or not people would be willing to stay in one. I have to say, I kind of like them. Except for the fact that they all use feathers in some way. The first I’ve was a pillow. This one was the blanket.


That’s my capsule the first night. They are actually write spacious.


I took this one when I was waking up the next morning. You can see it had lots of room.


This is standing outside the capsule looking in. I had an upper level capsule the second night.

July 21st – Kyoto

Most photos you see of Kyoto show a beautiful temple, lovely geisha, or one of the other famous sights of the city. You don’t often see its more urban side, so I thought I’d post a skyline pic I took this morning from the ninth floor of our capsule hotel:


It’s not the most beautiful side of Kyoto, but even here you can see Kyoto Tower in the distance.

We had a very good time. I’ll probably post a few more Kyoto photos tomorrow.