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May 21 – Morning Snuggles

Morning snuggles is usually Manmaru and I having a snuggles sitting at the foot of the bed just before I get up in the morning. It involves pet pets and scritchies and kisses and snuggles and purrs and head bonks. Sometimes this is not enough and he follows me around the house while I get ready for work on the off chance that I’ll pick him up for more snuggles, which always happens. Always. Occasionally, even this is not enough and he has to resort to snuggling with Brandon. Oh the humanity.


This usually doesn’t last long. Apparently, Brandon doesn’t know how to snuggle properly.

May 10 – Spoiled Brat

Summer is really hot here in Tokushima and we try to make sure Manmaru is as comfortable as possible during the hot months. This means we’ve bought Sime strange things to try to keep him cool since he can’t take his fur coat off. This also means he’s a spoiled rotten brat. He hasn’t liked most of the things we’ve bought, but we still try. Today we bought him a giant aluminum bowl that’s supposed to stay cool.


Yep. I think he approves of this one.

April 13 – Second Home-iversary

Today is Manmaru’s second home-iversary! Two years ago, Mani waltzed into our apartment, made himself right at home and has never looked back. When we opened the door to the carrier he was in, Susan (the wonderful lady that runs the shelter we adopted him from) expected him to take his time coming out, but Mani was not having any of that nonsense. He strutted out of the carrier and immediately began investigating his new home.

Two years later, I can’t imagine life without this little fuzzball. Even when he does things that drive me crazy…like peeing on my futon. Or waking me up at four in the morning by biting my back. Or barfing on the tatami. Or being a needy little monster.  We start every morning with snuggles and cuddles and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here are a few pictures I posted on his first day at home.

March 5 – Cat Games

Brandon went to the Osaka Game Market last weekend and brought home a bag full of new games. We had to try one of them out the other night when he was showing me what he got because…well…is a cat game, made by the same people who made our favorite cat stacking game.


It would have worked a lot better on a flat surface instead of our bed, but we’re still sleeping in the living room, so the living room is still dominated by our bed.