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June 19 – Baby Seal

There’s a store at one of the local malls that sells stuffed baby seals in costumes. You can buy new costumes ever so often. I think they’re pretty cute. I have one that wears a piece of tuna so it looks like sushi. I sent one of our baby nephews one that was wearing shrimp and the other baby nephew one wearing a giraffe costume. I won’t repeat what my neither had to say about that that one.

The newest costume is a little disturbing. It’s a shark and at first you’re looking at it thinking “Awww…cute!” And then you realize it looks like the baby seal is getting eaten by the shark.


Day 127 – This is Paul

This is Paul, also known as our newest nephew. There’s just something about my family and boys. Not that I really mind. I adore all four of our nephews.


Paul joined this crazy world on April 24. I’m not biased or anything, but I think he’s pretty handsome. Oh…and thanks to my brother-in-law for the photo…I stole it…I mean borrowed it from facebook.

Much love!!!!