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March 29 – The Biggest Sakura Tree I’ve Ever Seen

I’m not going to claim that this is the biggest sakura tree in Japan, but it’s certainly the biggest one I’ve ever seen and it’s a five minute walk from our apartment. Even though it was drizzly this morning, it was still quite beautiful.

A couple of friends met us in Kamiyama for sakura viewing and then we had lunch together in Ishii. After that, Brandon and I did a little shopping and then went to another friend’s place to cook dinner. It was an enjoyable day all around.


Also, sakura season has arrived and I will make no apologies for the number of sakura pictures I will post.

Day 278 – Sports Day

Today was Sports Day for my school also. We’ve been practicing almost non stop for two weeks, so it was really nice to see it all come together. We were a little afraid we were going to get rained out for a good part of the morning. When the skies look like this, your fears are usually justified.


Thankfully the clouds kept themselves under control until after they passed us. The day was lots of fun!

Day 240 – Frogs

Normally this time of year means a constant battle to keep the spiders away from our front door. Above the door is way too close to being inside and they can’t live there. This year it’s been exceptionally wet, so we have about a dozen frogs living outside the door and they eat the spiders and bugs. And they’re cute. And they live in the pepper plants. This is the little guy that was in the plant when I got home today.


Tiny. Cute. Sings with a huge voice. Eats bugs and spiders. I love them.