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May 16 – This View

Have I mentioned that I was accepted to the JET program? I don’t remember, but if I haven’t, now you know. Brandon and I are pretty excited about it. As we wait to find out where in Tokushima I we’ll be placed, people keep asking if we will move away from Kamiyama, into the apartment that comes with my placement. I look around at the scenery around our apartment and I can only think “Why would I move away from this view?”


Day 352 – B&W Grove of Snow

Wow did it snow last night. And today. And the temperatures haven’t risen about freezing all day. Actually, it’s officially been below freezing since about 3 p.m.  Since there’s a ton of snow and a ton of ice out there, driving was definitely not safe, so I didn’t go to work today. I did get out from under my kotatsu and went for a walk for about an hour this morning. It was cold. My toes were frozen blocks of ice when I got home.

grove of snow

As much as I hate the cold, I have to admit undisturbed snow is really beautiful.

Day 166 – A River Rock Story

Okay. I know everyone is going to be asking what happened, so I’ll tell the story here. And, you know, some of you aren’t on facebook, so you didn’t see the lovely photo of my foot and ankle I posted earlier.

We, and a ton of our friends, went down south this weekend to a massive river and beach party a friend of ours hosted. Good fun was anticipated. Brandon and I went down Friday after work and stayed the weekend. (Don’t worry…Manmaru stayed with friends, not home alone.) Saturday morning we all got up and went to a great river spot nearby. It’s a good spot with deep cold water. There are lot of large boulders around and one of them is in a prime spot for jumping off.

When I say “boulder” I mean a boulder that sits about 20 feet out of the water. This is it:


That’s our friend Alex standing on top of it. Now, what you’re supposed to do is launch yourself off the top and into the water below. Like I said, it’s very deep, so quite safe. It should look something like this:


See how he launched himself out away from the rock? Well, I didn’t. I went to launch myself out away from the rock and slipped, so I fell straight now. Scared the crap out of myself for a split second until I realized that my upper body was actually out away from the rock. Just my left foot and ankle were still in contact. I was quite sure I was going to break something, so when I came up after hitting the water I was in shock, but mentally trying to assess the damage. I knew I hurt myself, but I wasn’t sure how badly. Thankfully Alex and his girlfriend (and our friend also) Iku are both medic type folks, so they both knew what to look for and all the jazz.

I got really lucky. I have scrapes, cuts, massive bruising and some nasty swelling, but nothing is broken. Unless you count chipped toe nail polish.

On the plus side, I didn’t even notice how cold the water was.

This is what it looked like after we got home:


This photo does not really do it justice. My foot and ankle look pretty spectacular, but I’ve been up and walking around on it. I’ve actually purposely been walking around so that it doesn’t get all stiff. It hurts enough…I don’t need everything to get all stiff and uncooperative.

So that’s the river rock story. And yes Mom, I know I need to be more careful and take better care of me.

And on a completely unrelated note, Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there! I’m fortunate to have three and I hope they all have a great day! And to my brothers Andy and Mike who are new to fatherhood, enjoy your day!

Day 159 – Sunday Drive

Today we finished with our regular Sunday laundry and shopping early enough to make it back into Kamiyama before dark, so we decided to take the scenic route home. It’s not often that we get to just slow down and enjoy the view, so today was rather nice. If someone drove up behind us, I just pulled off and let them pass because we really weren’t in a hurry.




All this lush green beauty and we live here.

Day 153 – Balcony View

I was outside bringing laundry in this evening and happened to catch a glimpse of the valley behind us. It’s a view I know well since it’s also the view out our bedroom window, but it’s a view I never get tired of. I get a little irritated with it when there’s snow on the mountain, but we’re firmly out of winter and marching steadily on to summer. The rainy season should start any day now and summer will be right on its heels, bringing with it high temperatures and equally humidity.