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June 4 – Ume Juice

Ume (plum) hooch is quite popular here. People make their own at home or you can buy it bottles at the store. Not to be left out, the kiddos get to make ume juice. The process is the same except you don’t add alcohol and you don’t have to wait a year to drink it.


The teachers poked holes in the plums and then layered then with sugar. Now they’ll sit and become sweet juice.

May 14 – Crawfish

When I returned from lunch today, there were two buckets sitting outside the front door of the school. When I peeked in, I saw these guys:


The K5 kids went on a crawfish hunt today and came back with two buckets full. Then a bunch of them got to take one home. I think the bus driver was a little nervous about a bunch of 5 year olds holding their small buckets with water and a crawfish. I’m pretty sure I heard him breathe a sigh of relief when the last kid with a crawfish got off the bus without spilling.

Day 351 – B&W Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Today was our big showcase and all went well. I took lots of pictures, most of which I can’t share (sorry!), but I really love this one and I can share it because it’s silhouette and their backs.


That’s two of the mirrors from the K5 version of Snow White. They did great and the mirror costumes worked beautifully.

Thankfully, it’s over for another year. The journey back to “normal” school days begins tomorrow (and won’t be complete until after the winter holidays).

Oh…and this was day 2 of my black and white challenge.