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Day 211 – I Want Off This Rollercoaster

Really. I’m not kidding. I want off. This week has been a crazy emotional rollercoaster. So much happy. So much sad.

Tonight we had farewell dinner with one friend (we’ll actually see her again before she leaves, but this was with some other friends that probably won’t) and then went and say our final see you laters to our good friends Danielle and Sergio. I almost made it to the car without crying. Almost. Not quite.

Like Todd and Liz, I know we’ll see them again, but seeing them leave now just really sucks. We have had some great times with them and I’m sorry to see them go.

Also like Todd and Liz, the pictures that are readily available (AKA on my phone) just don’t seem quite right tonight, so I’m giving you melon ice cream instead.


It was delicious and I was thinking that my brother Sean would really like it. Guess he’ll just have to come back to Japan.

Day 209 – I Hate This Part

The good byes are in full swing and I hate it. Last year when people left, I was just kind of “oh that sucks that so and so it’s leaving” but it didn’t really phase me as much as this year has and will continue to for a couple of weeks. We’ve made some amazing friends and almost all of them are leaving. Tonight we said our good byes (or see you laters) to our good friends Todd and Liz. I’m really going to miss them. A lot. I did really well though…no tears until we got in the car (and more as I write this). I really wanted to find the perfect picture to go with this post, but, although I have tons of photos, none seem quite right.

So instead I’m going to give you a picture I took back in May that didn’t make it to the blog for one reason or another, but I like it. It has nothing to do with good bye, see you later, friends leaving or anything else like that, so it’s perfect.