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June 19 – Baby Seal

There’s a store at one of the local malls that sells stuffed baby seals in costumes. You can buy new costumes ever so often. I think they’re pretty cute. I have one that wears a piece of tuna so it looks like sushi. I sent one of our baby nephews one that was wearing shrimp and the other baby nephew one wearing a giraffe costume. I won’t repeat what my neither had to say about that that one.

The newest costume is a little disturbing. It’s a shark and at first you’re looking at it thinking “Awww…cute!” And then you realize it looks like the baby seal is getting eaten by the shark.


April 26 – Wouldn’t You Know It

For yesterday’s BBQ, I made a batch of my mom’s potato salad. Her recipe calls for purple onion, which is not common here. I went to a couple of different grocery stores looking for them and even asked a couple friends to look at their grocery stores. No purple onions. Today, while shopping at the grocery store we usually go to, the grocery store that never ever has purple onion, I found this:


Purple onions. Oh well. The potato salad still turned out great.

April 12 – New Finds

We spent the day in Kobe with a couple of friends today, so of course, we headed to Costco. Brandon was thrilled to see this:


Big bags of mini reese’s cups. Unfortunately, we didn’t actually buy them. They were a little pricey and we’ll be able to pick them up in Tokyo for cheaper next month.

Despite not buying them, it was still a really fun day.

March 2 – Cat Mane

While wandering around a Daiso, I saw a display with some fake fur boot covers. They’re supposed to make your boots look like they are fur lined. This is the display:


Apparently, these are also great for giving your cat a faux mane. Yeah. I didn’t buy these, but I’m kind of regretting that right now because Mani would have looked fantastic with a black faux mane. And I’m sure he would have loved it. Ha. Right.

February 8 – Sunday Shopping

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Sunday Shopping post, mostly because I haven’t been doing the shopping. I’ve been doing musical rehearsal, but I’ve been sick (again), so no rehearsal today. Instead, I slept most of the day and then did a little shopping with Brandon. Here are a could things we spotted today:


Apparently canned fruit makes you beautiful.


That’s fish sticks with the tartar sauce included in the breading. Ummm…yeah…still not eating them.

January 6 – Party Store

We’ve spent a lot of time shopping in the last couple of weeks. A lot. Today we had lunch with my older brother and then headed to a couple of party stores in search of makeup and masks for our musical. We had a wonderful time perusing the aisles.


I was looking for plain white masks. Brandon thought this one was a better idea.


Need a mustache? They had a few styles to choose from.


Brandon’s idea for next Halloween. Yeah…not going to happen.