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Day 278 – Sports Day

Today was Sports Day for my school also. We’ve been practicing almost non stop for two weeks, so it was really nice to see it all come together. We were a little afraid we were going to get rained out for a good part of the morning. When the skies look like this, your fears are usually justified.


Thankfully the clouds kept themselves under control until after they passed us. The day was lots of fun!

October 4th – Jinryo Sports Day

I think today was the last of my school festivals for this season. When the students return from “summer vacation” (in quotes because they work extremely hard during their vacation time and get very little actual time off) each school has culture festivals, sports days, and other events that last until early October. Today was Jinryo Elementary’s Sports Day. I thought my last festival was the final chance to see Awa Odori for a while, but I was treated to another performance today!
There were several relay races today, and one included several parents dressed in costume!
It was a lot of fun, but I’m exhausted. Time to relax!

September 16th – Day Off

I have the day off today as a make-up day since we had weekend sports festivals. It happened to fall perfectly to allow me to watch live Monday Night Football and WWE Raw this morning:
It’s been a nice morning. Unfortunately, Becky is still having bad allergy problems, so we’re going in to the allergy doc this afternoon to have some tests run and see if we can figure out how to fix the issues.

September 15th – Awa Odori at Sports Day!

I thought my last chance to see Awa Odori was at the Shosanji festival a few weekends ago…but I forgot that the students and some local people perform at school festivals! The elementary school students danced first and then anyone in attendance was invited to join them. This guy was AMAZING!
The little old ladies in the section next to me were fanatically cheering him on and he was dancing up a storm! It was pretty great to see :)

Now, I’m hopefully that I’ll get one more chance to watch Awa Odori at an upcoming sports day next month. I can’t remember if it happened there last year, but maybe…

September 14th – Radio Taiso

I’ve been to two sports days at my schools this weekend. They’re a lot of fun and the students practice for them all during their summer “vacation.” I take a lot of pictures for the schools to use for yearbooks or whatever else they want them for, and also just for me. Unfortunately, I can’t share most of them on the blog because of the Japanese regulations on posting recognizable photos of children online. But I try to shoot a few that are acceptable when I have events like these. This one shows a student leading the rest of the students, teachers, parents, etc. in attendance in the morning’s Radio Taiso:
Radio Taiso is performed before big events (and also at some businesses) as a kind of warmup for the day’s activities. I like that they get a student to lead. Usually a really genki student is selected to set the tone and get everyone motivated to start the day.

I’ll probably post a couple more pictures from the sports days over the next day or two as I get them edited. Hopefully they’ll be a little more interesting than yet another one of my cat or food pics 😉