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Day 310 – Ropeway

The 21st temple is at the top of a mountain and to get to it, you can either climb (no thank you) or take a ropeway (no thank you). The lesser of the two evils is the ropeway. I’m not always fond of them because they go very high and too slow, but this one wasn’t too bad…as long as I didn’t stand up. I did manage to take a few pictures.

Passing the other way:


Looking down at the river:


Trees as far as the eye can see:


Day 308 – Temple Day

We started our day at the vet with Manmaru. He’s going to be fine. We have meds to give him twice a day for 6 days to help settle everything down. By the time we got home this evening, it was evident that he is feeling MUCH better. He was back to being his usual obnoxious self.

After the vet, we decided to visit a couple more temples. We’re getting to a point where it takes an hour or more to get to the ones we haven’t been to, so soon, or temple visit days will have to be a little better planned. Today, we visited numbers 20 and 21…Kakurinji (Crane Forest Temple) and Tairyuji (Great Dragon Temple). They were gorgeous, but I’m not going to post a ton of photos tonight. I’m sticking to one I keep going back to because I love the light.


These were offerings at Kakurinji. I’m not sure what the story is behind them, but like I said…I loved the light.

Day 293 – Another One From Onzanji

Call it cheating if you want. I’m calling it stockpiling for an easy week…which means I’ll end up with more than enough photographic opportunities this week.

Here’s another one from Onzanji. When we were leaving, we stopped to look down the mountain. My phone camera has a mode that will take multiple pictures and stitch them all together. The results are sometimes strange, especially when people are involved. This one didn’t have people, but the warping makes it…interesting.


August 30th – Shosanji Festival

We went to the annual summer festival at Shosanji temple this evening. Several other ALTs and their friends and family from around Tokushima also came out, which was very nice! We had a great time, danced Awa Odori one last time for the season, and watched an amazing fireworks show. Hopefully Becky will post photos or a video of that…she did a better job of it than I did tonight. I didn’t bring my big camera, so I decided to play around with the motion of the Awa Odori dancers. Nothing too spectacular, but I kind of like the way this one turned out: