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June 16 – To The Ladies Who Breakfast For Lunch

Today’s post is for my “Ladies Who Breakfast For Lunch”…Danielle and Liz. A year ago, we had a little Ladies Night where we cooked and ate good food, did a little bit of drinking and a lot of talking. This one didn’t involve breakfast. Or lunch. But that’s not really the point. Tonight’s point is that I miss them. A lot.


February 12 – Little Umbrellas

I’m going to be honest. I haven’t really left the house since I got back from Guam. I’m a little under the weather. I tried going to work today, but ended up getting sent home to go to the doctor. Don’t worry…I’m fine. I have to take it easy for the next three days and as long as things don’t get worse, I’ll be back up and running on Monday.

I was looking back through the pictures on my phone for something to post (because I take a billion pictures that never make it on the blog for a variety of reasons) and came across this one:


This one is perfect for today because I’ve been dreaming of the summer and fruity drinks served with little umbrellas. It’s coming.