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Day 349 – Gachapon Toys

We have embraced the Japanese obsession with Gachapon toys. You know those machines that you put a quarter into and you get a bouncy ball or a sticky hand? Well they cost about $2 to $5 here and they have some of the most random off the wall stuff. We can never go shopping without checking out the rows of machines every store or mall inevitably has. Actually, at the malls, there are rows and rows of these machines in at least a half a dozen different spots.

One of my latest (useless) purchases was a polar bear:


It’s super cute and I love polar bears, so how could I pass it up?

August 4th – Rain Day

I was supposed to have a 1 Day English Camp with some local elementary school kids today, but with the past 3 days worth of heavy rain, it got cancelled. I ended up taking a vacation day instead because I needed to run some errands. My car needed a new windshield wiper, which has become pretty necessary with the rains. We needed a few other household odds and ends, so I ran around the city picking things up. While I was out, I took pictures of interesting (to me) things that I saw. Enjoy!

Found the Happy Kitchen stuff that someone was looking for:
They look pretty nice!

Awesome looking books that I want, but didn’t want to spend $30 on:

Especially after seeing the new Godzilla movie last weekend!

Is that toy a boob?

So weird and inappropriate.

Very bizarre display case:

We actually bought Jon the figure of the guy in black pants…he’s famous, but I still don’t really understand why.

I absolutely NEVER win these claw grabber games…until today! SWEET!

On my first try too!

They’re micro figures…I think to use with scale model stuff like train sets:

Since I only have one, I really have no idea what I’ll do with it, but still…I WON!

One of our friends here hates cicadas, so…

Might have to grab one for her before she leaves! Pretty sure they make the awesome cicada noise too!!

Decided to try the new Tofu McNuggets for lunch:

So much worse than I was expecting! Gross…

Couldn’t pass up 1/2 price Marvel toys!


So, that was a lot more than 1 photo for today. Going for quantity, not quality this time :)