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May 18 – Across The River

The weather was strange when I was coming home from work today. Ominous clouds were moving in over the mountains, but the sun was still streaming through in places. I stopped to look out across the river at the giant torii gate on the other side.


It doesn’t look so bad, really. But when I turned up the road towards home, it looked a little different.


You can’t even see the top of the mountain.

Day 352 – B&W Grove of Snow

Wow did it snow last night. And today. And the temperatures haven’t risen about freezing all day. Actually, it’s officially been below freezing since about 3 p.m.  Since there’s a ton of snow and a ton of ice out there, driving was definitely not safe, so I didn’t go to work today. I did get out from under my kotatsu and went for a walk for about an hour this morning. It was cold. My toes were frozen blocks of ice when I got home.

grove of snow

As much as I hate the cold, I have to admit undisturbed snow is really beautiful.