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The first time Brandon applied for the JET Programme, it was a no brainer. He needed to go to Japan for his dissertation research and I w as a lead teller wondering if I really was going any further in the company I was working for. He got an interview and then he got put on the waiting list. Our lives got put on hold while he was on the waiting list. Was it going to happen? Was he going to get short-listed? Were we going to Japan? The answer ended up being no that time and we were disappointed, but it was okay. Brandon found another way to get his research done and my career moved forward.

The second time he applied, he didn’t even get an interview and then he started applying with independent companies that do the same thing…teach English in Japan. He got a few interviews, but no offers until after the earthquake and tsunami. Then he got an offer, but they wanted him to be there in two weeks. Uhhhh…no can do.

The third time he applied, Brandon didn’t even tell me he applied until he got an interview. When he got an interview, we didn’t get too excited about it, but decided that if he got wait listed, we weren’t putting anything on hold. Been there. Done that. We also decided this was it. He wasn’t applying after this. If we didn’t get it this time, it wasn’t going to happen. Our lives have moved forward and we needed to keep moving forward with it.

While waiting to hear if Brandon had gotten the job, I lost mine. My company made a business decision and decided to lay off more than half the people in my position, me included. I was devastated and had no idea what in the world I was going to do, but whatever it was, it was going to be moving forward. I had an interview the Tuesday following my last day at work and got a call from Brandon after the interview.

“What do you think about moving to Japan?”

What??? He got the job! We didn’t know where in Japan we were moving, but we were moving to Japan. Everything seemed to be falling into place. My job was no longer an issue. Our lease was up at the end of July, the same time Brandon had to be in Japan. And we ended up with an incredible placement in Japan.

Kamiyama. That’s in the Tokushima prefecture on the island of Shikoku. It’s in the mountains in the forest. There’s a river just down the street from the apartment. The humidity in the summer leaves something to be desired, but we live with it. The community is rural…agricultural. Fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, fresh air.

This blog documents our journey. Our lives in Japan. Our experiences living in a totally different culture, in a different country with a different language. Our adventure.

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    1. Absolutely! I currently work with kids ranging in age from 2 to 6, although most of my crafts are done with my two and three year olds because those are my main classes.

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